By rockit

(056) The McManus

The McManus is s a Gothic Revival-style building, located in the centre of Dundee. The building houses a museum and art gallery with a collection of fine and decorative art as well as a natural history collection. It is protected as a Category A listed building. The concept for the building was originally commissioned as a memorial to Prince Albert and intended to contain room for lectures, museum, picture gallery and a reference library for students by the British Association for the Advancement of Science. 
The extra shot is possibly as far away, architecturally speaking, as it's possible to get in a building and yet the V&A fulfils a similar function to the McManus. I've never been too impressed with contents of the V&A but on this occasion I did enjoy the exhibition about the Valentines company, which tells the story of Scotland’s most pioneering and successful commercial photographers, best known for popularising the holiday postcard on a global scale. Founded in 1825 in Dundee, Valentines capitalised on rapid developments in photography, printing and tourism in the early 20th century to create a fascinating body of work and a vibrant industry, quickly becoming one of Dundee’s largest employers. After trading for almost 150 years Valentines closed in 1994.

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