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The fog ...

I seem to remember sitting up one night to watch the Midnight Movie - remember them? - on my black and white telly when they showed a horror (mild) movie called The Fog. To be honest, I think it was one of these occasions when I wished I hadn't bothered ...

But I thought of it today, because we began with the wonderful pale blue sky over Dunoon (actually we began with a spectacular red glow in the east, but I was too cosy and sleepy to get up and photograph it) which then vanished as gradually over the morning we were enveloped in that mist/fog that you can see rolling down the Clyde to the Tail o' the Bank, where you can see RFA Tideforce at anchor, gleaming in the sun and much bigger than the ferry heading for Dunoon.

It was cold again - so cold that despite all our exertions I never got round to taking off my fleece jersey at Pilates - a first, I think. I was being quite cautious because of a precarious feeling in my right hip, as if it could dislocate at the drop of a hat, but at least my balance was better than last week. When I got home I collapsed over the gas fire with a coffee and did my Italian, and was still sitting there when Himself came home from his class an hour later.

After lunch he went off again to practise in the church and stayed far too long and came home frozen and then decided to come out for a pretty miserable walk round town just because ... you know. It was so cold in the wind along the shore - wind moving round to the north - that we cut inland and walked through all the back streets where I learned to drive over 40 years ago. 

Main photo is of that early morning sunshine; my extra is the rather startling sight of a fat pigeon wobbling about in the ivy on the back garden wall. There were two of them, pecking away at either the wee berries or (not so likely) insects, and they looked very strange. Not seen this before ...

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