Such a beautiful day to be at the beach.
Our usual Monday afternoon photography group are now meeting on a Tuesday, S & I were the organisers for our field trip today, and we decided to try and get gulls both sharp and showing movement.
We meet at midday and had a picnic lunch first, sitting at a table overlooking our beautiful Caroline Bay.  
We then started to feed them, in no time at all there were dozens.  The idea was to get them in flight but we struggled to throw the food high enough.  My shutter speed was 1/25600s, good gracious.
We then walked the beach, changing our settings to a low ISO, and narrow DOF looking for movement.  I've put one in extra, shot at  ISO 64, f/16, 1/8th sec. (since deleted)

I had camera on rapid, so you can imagine how many (like tooooo many) photos I took.  I deleted as I scrolled through.  There are some decent ones among them, but I'm feeling weary so have picked a couple for blip.


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