Lost in Thought

By steveng

Walk on by (widwed010323)

A dreich morning in Banbury.  Gill wanted some fabrics for her art work and went to Orinoco, a charity shop which takes in the left overs other charity shops can't sell.   a good place to get small quantities of multi coloured fabrics.  A variety of other items too - packs of photo printer paper,  pens, pencils, stationary and a charger for that old Nokia phone you kept, just in case :-)

I've always liked the look of this corner opposite the town hall, with the more modern Nat West building and the older seed merchant's shop, so I went along on the chance of getting a blip.

I almost never do street photography but I think the three figures add something here - a little colour if nothing else?
As ever - much better seen in large.

Banbury does look quite down at the moment, there are many empty shops. Minimal litter, but, the number of people just stood about drinking cheap beer from a can is not likely to give the place a lift. Not fair to be judgemental but whatever their problems are - the answer is not in a can?

Lost of good shapes in the architecture, and a tree for Joe Tree Day, so one for wide Wednesday hosted by Bobs Blips.

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