There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

An Enticing Bend in the Creek at Laurel Run

Our day's adventures took us to Couch's in McAlevy's Fort for a fine pair of hot roast beef sandwich meals with curly fries, gravy, and salads with ranch dressing. This feast was followed by an afternoon hike at Whipple Dam.

There was nobody at all at the park when we arrived there. The sun, much promised, also took a while, but when it got there, it was well worth the wait. Our bellies full, and our faces turned toward the sun, we explored the park.

There are numerous CCC-era structures at the park, and I took a bunch of photos of our history. Then we walked back just the first part of the Whipple Lake Trail. The sign says it's 3 miles to go all around the lake, but we stopped at the juncture you see above.

I like to go far enough on the Lake Trail to see this enticing bend in the creek, nearly swallowed up by rhododendron thickets. The stream is called Laurel Run. This spot has a very old feel to it. Here I stand, viewing woods and waters that have looked the same ever since the world began.

My soundtrack song is this one: Survivor, with Ever Since the World Began.

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