By mjames6002


It’s yet another flower today - but at least it’s Flower Friday! 

Apologies for my absence this week - both in the form of journal entries and in stars, hearts and comments on your journals. I think I’ve just become a little overwhelmed by ‘life’ and I’ve found it difficult to find time for blipping. I’ve made a major effort to catch up with journals today - though falling behind does mean a dearth of hearts I’m afraid - and I’ve back-blipped the last few days. But on the positive side, I think it’s taught me that a few days letting blip take a back seat is not the end of the world! 

I’m feeling better, though there’s been little in the way of exercise and no photographic ‘expeditions’ since last Sunday’s walk at Meols - so home has been my source of inspiration. Instead, my time’s been taken up by sorting out the finances from our extended trip, and, more importantly, the photographs. It’s four years since our last major ‘expedition’, and I think I’d forgotten the mammoth task of sorting, editing and choosing. And now I’m using Lightroom on my desktop for the first time, so getting used to this is taking time. I dread to think how long it will be before I’m ready to prepare my photo books - and I’ve still got several in the queue from the last year or so! 

So today’s blip focuses on a rose from last week’s wedding thank you gift. I love these pale pink roses edged in green. I choose roses just like this for my wedding posy many years ago, and was distraught when the local florist delivered one made up of bright  sugary pink. Of course, in retrospect it was a minor matter, and I soon came round - but these remain a definite favourite! 

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