There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Into the Winter Woods (the Windy Edition)

My husband wished me luck when I left the house and headed for the woods for my morning walk. It was extremely windy out, and he warned me to be careful and watch out for falling branches and trees.

It had snowed and sleeted and iced and slushed the day before. We live near a college town, and all of the students were vamoosing for spring break just as the big storm hit. Oh, and there was a Journey/TOTO concert at the BJC that night. I wondered how many people failed at either of those attempts, as road conditions were quite poor, and accidents closed many roads.

But the morning after found us left with just slush and wind; and the wind, well, it was quite impressive! I usually do my walks with my earphones in. When there is some possible danger that I need to be alert for, I either leave one earphone out or turn the tunes down a bit.

At the first pond, wet stuff was falling from the trees, and the wind was making amazing patterns on the surface. I took some pictures and short videos of the patterns: something to look at at home, on a day when I can't make it to my favorite pond, for whatever reason. A vernal pond pacifier, if you will. Something to tide me over until I am once again standing on its banks.

I also visited the third pond, checking for my buddy Chewbacca the Wookiee porcupine. Alas, Chewy was not waiting for me this time, but I somehow feel its presence, even so, since we have met. Chewbacca's Pond. I like the sound of that.

This is my view walking back down the path after visiting the third pond. I am happy. There is a spring in my step. I am headed for home! In just a little while, two things will begin on this trail: one is the song of amphibians, as the spring peepers will soon make these woods ring, and there is no happier sound in the world!

The other is the arrival of a flower that is a favorite of mine since childhood, when they grew (and do still grow) wild by the little spring behind my parents' house in Juniata County, a spring drain that eventually meanders its way into Lost Creek: the pink lady's slipper orchids, moccasin flower (Cypripedium acaule), which bloom here in late April into May. Then this path will be lined with pink!

I made it there and back again without incident, my cheeks pink from the wind, my boots slushy and muddy from this trail. (Yes, if you are going to the woods now, conditions are WET. Plan your footwear accordingly.) My soundtrack song for this image is to celebrate the part of the scene you do not see: the amazing wind! Our tune is Windy, by the Association.

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