Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Sunrise at Bergsbotn, Senja

As the forecast was not predicting a strong aurora we did not go out last night. I am not that fussed about getting an aurora photo, it’s lovely to see it but I often find the aurora photos all a bit samey! I had the most excellent salmon for supper, apparently fished from local waters, and it tasted so much better than the salmon I buy at home. 

We were up at 5am to go photograph the sunrise. As predicted it was freezing cold conditions, -13C when we left and it ‘warmed up’ to -11C while we were out shooting. In such cold conditions my fingers get extremely painful and I could not attach filters or change lenses as my hands would not work! I ended up relying on the excellent capabilities of my camera as one doesn’t really need filters in such light conditions, the sensor can capture all the details in the highlights and shadows very well. The sky was a beautiful pink and the moon was still up - in this scene the moon is starting to set behind the clouds.

We were all so cold by the time we left, it was truly arctic conditions this morning, as is always the case when it is sunny and bright with no cloud cover. We went back for breakfast and then after breakfast headed out to photograph some more fishing huts. There certainly are enough of them and there are some very charming ones, usually in red, yellow, teal blue or grey. They are all the same shade of each colour so I wondered if the paint choice was regulated by some local bylaw. 

Lunch was another visit to a supermarket where I brought some fruit to accompany my ‘breakfast’ sandwich. I also found some foot warmers so bought enough to last the week. Norway is expensive! 

After lunch we went to a beach to shoot reflections in the sand but the tide was too high so we did some long exposure images instead, but as it was so cold I gave up after a while and went and sat in the car. We then moved on to another location to photograph the Devil's Teeth at Tungeneset. Here we had to wear spikes as you walk across a snow covered beach and then walk across icy covered rocks, I was rather nervous about slipping but the spikes worked well. The last extra was photographed there, we tried to get reflections in the rock pools but the tide kept crashing in. I stayed to watch the sunset but some of us came back to the car before the others, it was -8C and freezing!

Tomorrow morning is another sunny one so we are going back to photograph the sunrise at Devil's Teeth. It's another early morning start and it is an even colder morning, predicted at -15C. That will just about do me in! Thankfully snow is expected later as when it snows it warms up!

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