Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Sunrise at Devil's Teeth, Senja

It was another early morning start to photograph the sunrise. When we were loading into the vehicle at 5.45 this morning it was -16C. It was seriously cold! We went back to Tungeneset to photograph the Devil’s Teeth at sunrise, this location seems to work well for both sunset and sunrise. I was amazed at other photographers walking across the ice covered rocks without spikes while their camera were swinging from over their shoulder - one slip and that camera would smash on the rocks. We got some lovely pink in the sky which again was reflected in the rock pools. When I finished taking my photos after about an hour I went back to the vehicle to warm up but I had to wait for all the others. Someone always wants that last shot and as a group you have to wait for everyone which can be a bit annoying at times.

After breakfast and some warming, endless Scandinavian coffee, we went to Mefjordbotn where we photographed the views of the bay - see a pano of this view in extras. It was sunny and cold at about -8C. Then on to Husoy island where we got a great view from the road above - next extra. On our way there we saw an eagle sitting on a rock on a beach and later saw some sea otters frolicking in the water. We bought some snacks at the supermarket for lunch, I bought some merino wool socks, and as there was no public loo we had to drive all the way back to the hotel for a loo break. 

By now it was 3pm and as predicted it had started snowing, so some people decided to call it a day and stay at the hotel while the rest of us went out to photograph some more huts in the snow. We got back by 5.30pm and it was good to have some time to look at my photos I have taken this past week, and sort my things out for tomorrow. It has been so busy I find I have no time for anything, and I apologise for not getting time to spend on journals. Now it is time to meet for supper.

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