Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Little hut in a blizzard

Last night the blizzard started and so we did not go out early this morning. After breakfast we decided to go out mid morning, depending on what the weather was like. It was still blowing horizontal snow and was very wild outside so we decided to wait a bit longer for the weather to settle down. We eventually only got out just before midday, and not everyone came as the weather was still very windy with snow.

We photographed some of the various little rorbu (fisherman's huts) along the water's edge, and this unusual blue and yellow one was very appealing. As it was snowing with low cloud cover it was much warmer today, only -2C which felt balmy compared to what we have been experiencing over the past few days! The time passed with us wandering around in the snowy conditions photographing various huts, and then late in the afternoon we went to photograph a favourite birch tree that looked good in the snowy conditions a sit was isolated against its background - see extra.

Despite the unfavourable weather we still managed a good few hours of photography. 

Thank you for continuing to look at my blips when I don't have time to comment on journals, and I very much appreciate all the hearts you have generously been giving me. 

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