Black & White

Or shades of there in. Not a good nights sleep, with just under 6hrs. Should have stayed in bed until at least 7.30am instead up at 6.45am ;-(

However, once up washed, dressed and breakfasted, I made a shopping list and headed out to Sainsbury's for my shopping, surprised how busy it was, but think everyone was making the most of a dry spell. At least the carpark was back to normal after last weeks area closures while they resurfaced the car park. It was surprising how mild it was, and the sun made an appearance. 

What a change this afternoon after a sunny lunchtime, it went very black and the heavens opened, and it was torrential for a few minutes, before just being heavy rain. I certainly have found out where the gutters and down pipes need sorting. But that is a job for a professional, and will have to wait for dryer, warmer weather.

Camera Club this evening, and we will have the Judge going through our Landscape and Open entries, so should be an interesting evening.

The abstract pattern is on a wool scarf, with the gloves added :-)

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