By KatesGardenPDX

Guess What?

It rained AGAIN today! Gosh I'm really sick of this weather pattern...and the cold! Spring is so late! 

My granddaughter had an eye appointment today, and had her eyes dilated, so she didn't go to school afterwards. So she and her little brother spent much of the day with me. We had a great time - it's been quite a while...since before I moved in December, and certainly before I had the knee replacement and Covid! 

My granddaughter will spend the night with me tomorrow...I'm thrilled! That's been even longer - probably close to a year now. We're full of ideas for how we want to spend our time...movies, games, making cookies and watching The British Baking Show. She loved that show when she was three...adorable!

Here, a primrose glowing in a container in my patio. Good news, the garage floor is painted and looks pretty much dry. Not much longer now....

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