By dogwithnobrain

I fear cause you are all I have

I sat in my office today, in brilliant sunlight, boss out of the office for 10 days, nice little list of work ahead of me,  a roll with sausage and a cup of chocolate.   

Life, I thought, didn't get better than this. 

And then my phone pinged. 

Tooli, is on holiday in the Maldives.....   She was letting me so how perfectly lovely it was. 

Then It pinged almost 2 minutes later. 

Boy was at the Pyramids.     

It's been a dream since Santa brought him an Egyptology Craft Kit at 8.   He made a sarcophagus, a papier mache pharo.   

I hadn't realised quite the impact it had on him. 

The photos were pouring in. 

Grand Pyramid - three pyramids - The Sphynx. 

They are all there.   - Look in the extra.  

Tooli is just chilling and enjoying the blue sea and the all-inclusive Cosmos. 

Boy was exploring every inch of Gisa, inside the pyramid, around it. 

My shiny, sweet office seemed lacking after that. 

But How excited am I that my kids are enjoying every part of the world. 

Si is already checking out flight / trips / holidays to both Egypt and the Maldives.  

They definitely inspire you.

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