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Interactive Play

It was surprising how quickly the day changed from thick, heavy, steady snowfall - via wavering sleet - to sunshine. That said, the snow was already melting even as the big flakes continued to fall, so I was pleased to grab some photos early before most of the snow had gone again.

Today's one of those days when I had several potential blips, but chose this as it's so endearing. The young master likes his new ball as it's easy for his not-quite-four-month-old fingers to grip. But seeing his sister playing with him was fabulous. (This was selected from a photo their mum took.)

This afternoon Mrs B visited with the children and I had the joy of co-witnessing the baby boy's very first roll on to his tummy - first, to the left, and then to the right! Well impressed! And proud that it was in Granny's house! ;-)

Little Miss B and I spent a short time in the garden, finding footprints of cats and birds and making more of our own. We also scraped enough snow to build the smallest ever snowman! 

My Extras show the birds early in the day when the snow was still falling, and an afternoon visit from our pheas-in-res and his mate, sitting on the fence at the bottom of our garden, watching the snow melt.

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