By Diarised


I haven’t made it to the last few footie matches as I was so uncomfortable. Now my aches are just in my arm and only when I use it, I could face going back and sitting in the uncomfortable seats with tiny legroom!

It was a good match to return to as Exeter won 2-1 and I also got to watch some entertaining calamity goalkeeping. Our goalie got subbed at half time - that tells you how bad it was.  The opposition goalie was worse though and I was glad he stayed on the pitch!

Other than that it was just a quick trip to M&S cafe in the morning to give mum and dad a bit of a change of scenery and other than that a lazy day. I watched some Rookie episodes after the footie but managed to fall asleep so I will have to go back later and try and figure out where I was!

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