By dogwithnobrain

Foreign types with their hookah pipes say

We woke this morning to Tooli swinging in a wicker hammock in the Maldives along with her fellow ‘Maldivas’ and to this vision

Boy was sitting on the roof of his hotel in Luxor, reached by a ten hour train journey from Cairo.

To one side - the valley of the queens. To the other side the valley of the Kings, to the back - a desert; to the front - an Egyptian temple of the moon (i think he said).

The sun was beating down. He was obviously delirious with delight - but not half as excited as I was at the sight of at least 10 hot air balloons rising slowly into the sky behind him.

Who cares about hot air balloons when you have two valleys of dead bodies around you

I’m still in awe that his love and enthusiasm for Egypt stems from that Christmas long ago … think about what Santa brings …. You might end up with a world traveller.

His joy knows no bounds

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