By dogwithnobrain

The words don’t seem right

I woke last night at 2am and had to go to the loo.

Then I lay for thirty minutes waiting for the cats to go out. But they didn’t. So I went for a drink and then I waited another thirty minutes

At four; just as I fell asleep they started to scratch.

So I let them out and lay for another hour before I dropped off again.

Then I woke at 730. Exhausted


We finally managed to drag our tired butts out of bed and went to get shopping.

When we got back we had breakfast and then I baked some lemonade scones. Yip. Flour lemonade and cream.

I like to bake on a Sunday it Le a chill thing to do I don’t eat it - I’ll take it into work

tooli is sstill loving Maldive. Boy has taken a ten hour train journey to Luxor. He says is amazing. I’d be touching all the building to listen to its history

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