Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The Wickham Wool store

One year and two weeks ago, a fire broke out in the Wickham woolstores.  What you can see here is the remaining one.  The other three which were situated to the left of it were mainly used for storage.  All was lost and the buildings have now been razed to the ground.  Like many old buildings, they were full of asbestos but also being previously wool stores, their timbers were soaked in lanolin, which fueled the fire.  A huge plume of smoke carrying ash and asbestos particles blew to the North showering houses and the like.  I could see the thick smoke from my house.   I didn't visit a dog park which was directly under the smoke plume for nearly 8 months waiting until it had got the clearance from the EPA.

In other news, Maggy and I visited the aged home today.  Afterwards I managed to get to the mechanic who was able to open the fuel tank cover for me.   A part has been ordered and will be fitted on Monday but at least I was able to fill up with fuel which I will need as I need to be in Gosford helping with the therapy dog assessments on the weekend.  At the moment the lid is kept in place with something like a bit of blue tack.  The wool stores are near my mechanic so I grabbed this shot on the way to the petrol station.  It was heavy clouds this morning but here by lunch time you can see the weather was starting to clear.  A hot band of air is heading our way and a heatwave is predicted from tomorrow.  Just what you want.  Records are set to be broken for the hottest March.

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