By dogwithnobrain

And the land is dark...

Stupid iPhone.  Corrects the light so that this looks like it might be mid-afternoon on a cloudy day. 

It is in fact ten minutes ago - and it was my means of expressing my taking part in the "Peak Save" session.  

We giggled when we arrived home - the house was in total darkness, which is never the case in our house.  It's a bit better now admittedly, now the kid-adults have gone.     

They don't  understand how light switches work, and if a light is accidentally switched on in the morning, it's pretty certain that it will remain off until it breaks, or Si or I switch it off 

How did we deal with this Peak Save Event?   

We went to Sainsbury and spent money . Pa ha ha ha ha

I did suggest snuggling up in the dark on the sofa under a blanket,  but the thought of a browse around Sainsbury won himself over. 


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