By dogwithnobrain

Reach out and Touch...

I apologise for the awful quality of my photo today. 

I took a still from a video Boy sent me and I am slightly freaked by it. 

He s ent me a stream of videos from inside Nefertiti's tomb. 

It's an amazing place - fantastic hieroglyphics everywhere, all in pristine condition.  

I watched the video and said "were they real arms at the end of the video",  And he came back "?"

The arms, and the face... reaching out from the wall.  Are they built-in, or are they real". 

"Mum what are you talking about,  can you freeze it and circle what you are talking about". 

I did and he was still at the Eh? 

I changed the exposure and contrast and finally, he could see it.    

"it's just an illusion Mum, there are no arms". 

Hmm, I think there is. 

He says "maybe Nefertiti is reaching out to you"

Hmm,  I think he takes the piss.   He has also sent me any number of pictures of him "feeling" the walls.  

I love to feel walls to hear the past.     I think inside there, the noise would be deafening.

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