Reikes small life...

By Reike

5 senses made happy

Extras added (so hard to decide!), more pictures here. 
Maybe should have blipped the 1st extra? Or maybe rather the 2nd???

A day to calm down my overactive, distressed thoughts and divert them elsewhere.
See 5 things
Hear 4 things
Touch 3 things
Smell 2 things
Taste 1 thing
A squirrel was jumping around, birds were singing, the snow glittered in wavey patterns and crunched underneath my feet, Djeili rolled in the snow with her feet pointing everywhere, and the sun did its best to warm up everything. The cool water from a fountain tasted better than champagne. Best of all – the peacefulness and quiet of nobody around.
Afterwards, I drove down to the valley with the windows down, listening to Tool, holding my hand outside the window to touch the wind and felt happy. I wished that moment lasted forever.

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