By LeeAnne

Cairngorm Coffee…

After sorting out all the stuff from the fair this morning, Moira and I retreated to Cairngorm Coffee for a sarnie at lunchtime.

We made a couple of calls this morning and are off to Haddington tomorrow to sort out the flat there. We’ve to drop the keys with a letting agent and he’s going to sort out the relevant checks that need doing and hopefully we can get a tenant in soon.

Then we’re off to Room No. 3 in Reston to meet Jane to see if she has any advice on selling some of the things Moira has. I suspect the best thing to do will be to take my photo studio over to Moira’s and set it up to photograph everything. Then at least we can start popping stuff online and see if we can get rid of it that way. I’ll stick a link up as and when.

I meant to take a photo of Moira today for her blue badge application. When I asked her if she was on any medication she said no. When I grow up, I want to be Moira!

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