There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A View Along Spring Creek

It turned into a real peach of a Thursday, one that felt like early spring. The sun shone with golden light. The birds sang. The day warmed up. And my husband and I got in the car and went.

A mid-day adventure awaited us along Spring Creek. The bugs were hopping and so were the fishermen, who kept arriving. "Stack 'em, rack 'em, and pack 'em," I thought to myself (Die Hard 2 movie ref).

We had stopped at Jim's Italian Cuisine in Bellefonte to nab our takeout lunch, a chef salad and an order of cottage fries, which we split in the car along the creek. Jim's is for sale; that's the latest news. First my dentist. Now one of our favorite restaurants. Just great.

And then we went for a walk along the creek, in which I photographed skunk cabbage, plenty more fishermen, and mighty fine reflections, some of which you may see above.

It's March Madness time, and my husband has been watching lots of basketball. I (not quite as much a fan) got out my videotape of St. Elmo's Fire and watched it. I remember how it was in the 80s when we were all thin and young and beautiful, and life was just grand, with the future laid out before us. My soundtrack song is this springtime celebration: Elefante, with Young & Innocent.

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