There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

All the Gold

Looking into puddles, especially semi-frozen ones, has become a favorite hobby of mine. I find much of interest there, and on this day, one of my puddles had a thin layer of surface ice that had trapped a bunch of bubbles beneath it. The bottom of the puddle was muddy, which is where the golden yellow color comes from.

Once again, I tried to touch the bubbles, thinking they might have form and shape and substance, and perhaps some ice to them. But no. They were just regular bubbles, formed from mud. As I touched one, it popped and dissolved, after making a tiny explosion of mud. A little golden mud surprise in the midst of my latest abstract photography expedition!

My soundtrack is this one, which is a favorite (and yes, as a girl, I DID have a wee bit of a crush on Larry Gatlin): the Gatlin Brothers, with All the Gold in California.

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