There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Every Frog Has Its Day

Of course, you know where I went as soon as I possibly could: back to the ponds in the Barrens, where we had such a frog-fest a few days ago. I did hear some frog noise, but it wasn't as pronounced as last time, and when I got to the ponds, only a few amphibians were in sight.

It's hard to predict their schedules. It was a nice enough day, but probably not quite as warm and not nearly as sunny as the frog-fest day. I visited the first two ponds, and the two mini ponds between them, and on this little one, I found about five frogs.

So here is a photo of the frog that was closest to me. I believe it is a wood frog. These are quite common in the vernal ponds. The water is dark from leaves, and the orange you see in the water is pine needles. 

The frog seemed to be having a great time, quite happy with its lot in life, and I thought to myself: Every frog has its day. And here we are together on this day. So let us rejoice and be glad in it! My soundtrack song is Styx, with Sing for the Day.

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