Pretty In Pink

One of the wonderful things about spring is all the blooming that goes on. My yard is full of flowers in every color, but the pink seems especially pronounced this year.

I adore columbine (Aquilegia) and am fortunate to have lots of them self-seeding throughout my flower beds. I love the shape of them, and I often seize the opportunity to photograph them in monochrome, to emphasize their lovely, artistic lines.

I thought about posting a black-and-white photo on this day, just to show you how wonderful the shapes are. But not to let you see these in pink? Well, now, that would be just plain mean. (Oh, and all of these pink blooms? They are on a SINGLE PLANT!!!)

The song: Pretty in Pink, by the Psychedelic Furs, from the soundtrack to the movie, Pretty in Pink.

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