Dreamscape: Spring Green

We went for a hike in the local game land on Sunday morning. It was overcast but still quite lovely out, and to my absolute delight, the pathway was lined with pink lady's slipper orchids and every pond and puddle was a-sploosh with amphibians of every shape and size.

When we got to one of our favorite beaver ponds, we found an unusual sight, for the top of the pond was coated with a layer of pollen. I couldn't resist a few photos, and just to increase the surreal aspect of things, I shot a few in my Canon's vivid mode, which rendered the baby greens of spring even greener.

The resulting photo is a bit like something out of a dreamscape, all swirling layers of green and gray. A place you've visited, perhaps, somewhere inside (or maybe outside) the mists of time; a dream half-remembered, here one moment and then gone forever, like smoke on the water.

The soundtrack: Smoke on the Water, by Deep Purple.

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