Capital adventures

By marchmont

Out West

Swam this morning. The lane rebellion seems to have led to a compromise, the rope is removed at 8 am. Mmm, not sure that that solves it.

Danielle, the plumber, came, looked and told me I need a new expansion valve. In the meantime I need to keep topping it up.

I tidied all my work stuff away to the back room. I think it's better than looking at it all the time. I then took ages to decide what I was wearing, out of my normal attire. It was a lovely day, much warmer and some sunshine. There was also a lot of Italian being spoken in the town, precursor to the match tomorrow. 

That disappeared as the 900 took me to Glasgow, heavy, heavy rain. Luckily it had gone off (for a bit) by the time I arrived in Strathbungo to catch up with Y and by extension G.

After a lot of chat and some fizz we walked round to Cafe Fish (the restaurant formerly known as Ollie's) and apart from the food and drink I bumped into Four Story, who is, of course, a local resident. 

Unfortunately returning rain went in didn't manage to get the traditional Southside pub experience. Instead it was straight back for a lot more chat. 

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