Partly cloudy with a cold breeze, -2, feeling colder.

The piles of snow here and there are waiting to be removed. Last years here in Helsinki it has been a big problem where to dump snow. The sea has been one place because of the insuffiency of better ones. The city of Helsinki has continued dumping snow into the sea in this winter as well. For this, it has needed an environmental permit from the Center for Business, Transport and the Environment. The goal is to stop dumping snow into the sea. Until a replacement snow dump or other solution is found, the city considers dumping the snow into the sea necessary to secure the flow of winter traffic in the inner city. According to the city, transporting snow to further landfills is not a solution, as it would e.g. increase carbon dioxide emissions. Not an easy problem to solve.

Much snow has also just melted and evaporated into the winds of sky:)

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