The Forest Pit

Cold today. Even about +5 and sunny, but really didn't feel it. The gusty wind directly from the sea made it freezing.

I rode the moped for 1-2 kilometers route quite as fast as could being careful with the icy and slushy places on the sidewalk. At the beginning I wanted to see if I can already go by the forest pit near us and how it is now. I got there. It's was still frozen, some points were beginning to melt.

In autumn when it's raining more the pit gets quite full of water and freeze of course in the cold winters. In spring, quite soon after melting there are wild ducks swimming. I have never seen there any other living creatures, big enough to be visible. In summers the pit is fully dry. As you see, the pit still is frozen. I have blipped the same place last year Apr 19th, 22.

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