Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Chasewater Sunrise

Sunrise is currently about 6:15 am and as we move towards the spring equinox tomorrow I headed out to Chasewater Country Park in the hope of some dawn colour.  It didn't look promising, but for once, rather than a band of cloud on the horizon, there was a small gap allowing a fleeting view of the sun as it rose.

Other highlights included a short courting display of a pair of great crested grebes in the water you can see in the shot.  No chance of any sort of shot, this image was 1 second duration.  Surprisingly they soon stopped and went their separate ways.

Other than that I gave the morning to Blipfoto and some of the afternoon to jet washing the patios which had built up a fair amount of dirt during the winter.  

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