Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Teddesley Hall - A Lost House

L was riding this morning so I decided to get out for a walk in the area.  I headed away from Cannock Chase for a change onto an old country estate associated with the now demolished Teddesley Hall. 

This is what is left of the hall, you can see the footings and cellar spaces in front of the remaining buildings.  The two quadrangles that remain were actually stable blocks and were retained for the continuing farming activity on the estate. I can remember driving past it 30 years ago while working and there were grain dryers operating in the yards.

The original hall was much taller, 4-5 storeys high.  It was the country seat of the  Littleton and Hatherton families from the 18th century.  The hall fell into disuse in the early 20th century, being used by the Government as a billet for armed forces and a prisoner of war camp during the world wars.

The reason for it being one of the UKs lost houses was that the owner demolished it in 1954, a trend that had accelerated through the century and thought to be due to changing political, societal and ultimately financial reasons.

When I got back to the stables I helped out with the chores.  I’ve added an extra of Meg doing her ‘Kilroy is here’ impression. She was waiting for me to join her in the field where she was expecting me to have some treats in my pocket. She wasn’t to be disappointed.

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