By davidc

DIY continues...

My Editor kindly posed for a quick blip of our continued DIY preparation work in our bedroom. There's something satisfying about seeing many years of rather old yucky paint peeling off with the aid of the hot air gun! We're going to get our friendly local decorator in to do the papering and painting but we arranged to do some of the time-consuming preparation work first. He popped in this afternoon to assess the job and will probably be free to start in about 3 weeks.

Otherwise I had to face another 2 separate hours of on-line grilling by the Ofsted team (see yesterday's blip: I was pleased that one of the interviews was much less confrontational than yesterday). I was interested to see comments from fellow blippers about Ofsted which were not exactly enthusiastic and of course it's coming in for criticism in the news at the moment for its recent apparent role in precipitating a head teacher's sad suicide. I have a strong suspicion that we'll fail their assessment: we'll find out tomorrow.

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