Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


It had been a while since I visited Canada Wood, near Falkirk, and the walks available from the Greenrig Car Park up there, so I put that to right this afternoon.

My first stop was the Cafe at Canada Wood and then, suitably fortified after my coffee and cake, I followed the waymarked 'Falkirk Local History Trail'. At a little over 2.5km it fitted the bill in terms of what time I had available - especially as it was about 4pm when I set out from the cafe.

Along the way I passed a pile of logs that had obviously been there for a long time, given the amount of moss, lichen and fungi that had made their home there. Blip sorted!

Much as I enjoyed my coffee and cake, I think it is going to make for a late - and light - tea this evening.

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