The second half of life..

By twigs

Pelorus Bridge

Up early and into some of those last minute things - packing the last things into the van, vaccuuming, a little dusting, putting the last things away.  I've said before how focus can eat time so I was surprised when C the housesitter arrived and it was 1.00pm!  After a tour of the house and going over a few things to ensure Minnie's care and comfort I headed away.  I still needed to do THE very last things - fresh milk from the farm, some campervan supplies, refill the gas bottle and fuel then it was on the road and away.  
It was a slow drive thanks partly to plenty of roadworks and partly to my reluctance to go fast.  I've often thought of staying at Pelorus Bridge DoC camp but never have.  It's only an hour from home but today I did stop.  A beautiful, river-side camping area bounded by dense native forest.  The river is gently babbling in the background and yes - it feels good to be back in the peacefulness of mother nature.  The serenity was interrupted though when I read that a body was found in the Pelorus river this morning.  There are no details yet but I can only assume it was found by the swimming holes that are a little further along.  There will be much sadness in someone's life today.

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