Circus Girl

By CirqueNoir

Just Another Day

Niagara Health System, St. Catharines, Ontario

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.- Confucius

Had a very optimistic start to my day. I had a great cup of Coffee; some on brought in some gorgeous strawberries for breakfast. Oh it was wonderful but that didn't last for long. Today was another crazy 13-hour day. At this very moment I am running on pure adrenaline.

I spent the first part of my morning getting a arm cast thrown at my head, stepping in front of a client who was just a about to get pegged in the head with a travel mug, I got a travel mug whipped at my head but i ducked, I had the honour of meeting two fine officers of the NRP, a trip to Urgent care at, participated in a man hunt for a person who escaped from police custody, watching something that I thought I would never seen in real life (a person trying to take a officers gun), assisting in the intake of a person who really needs some help for their mental well being and finally 2 hours of paperwork and phone calls.

After this long and hectic day I was had a phone call from a my friend, Alecio who seems to make me laugh at the craziest things. Alecio, Whatever!!!!!

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