Circus Girl

By CirqueNoir

Hospital Visit

Niagara General Hospital, St.Catharines, Ontario

I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question. - Yogi Berra

It is the last day of the long weekend and well I thought that today would have been a leisure day at work. Let me tell you that didn't happen, it was instead a 14 hour day, two trips to the Emergency Department, a day full of Verbal Aggression and calling family members all of this for one client.

Myself and another colleague spent over 10 hours in the Emergency Department in St. Catharines, because one of the clients decided to take off their arm cast which was put on two weeks ago due to they punch a concrete wall. Now I know you think oh that sounds easy hmm let me tell you No it is not. This person has not taken their medication for the last six days (the medication they take are not just vitamins) So in short we are dealing with some who could become verbally or physically aggressive in a matter of seconds for no reason.

The first time we had to go to the hospital it was easy due to they understood why we needed to go and get a new cast, but on the way back from the hospital they became verbally aggressive and once the van had stopped they jumped out of the van and run to the house and began yelling and screaming that we were poisoning them and laughing at them. Someone redirected them to their room and she went. Not even ten minutes went by and and then they came out of their room and threw the cast at the front door.

So .... I had to call EMS to come and physically take them back to the hospital. Myself and another colleague followed and we spent a long time at the emergency department where they got another cast. the medical professional would do nothing about the medication situation. It is clear that this person is not capable to function with out medication, but our hands are tied all we can do is what we can do.

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