How Do Ewe Do

A lazy sort of day. Late breakfast and then we discussed what we would do.

I said I wanted to take the Jag out for a spin, it was such a lovely warm and sunny day. Mrs I wanted to go shopping.  She had her way, as always. She went shopping.

I drew the short straw. I went out in the Jag.

Kitty and me went into Ludlow, topped up with fuel and then tootled off through the delightful village of Caynham and then over the top of Clee Hill.  The views were sensational.

In the extra is a single shot of a five frame pano, looking south from Clee Hill, out into Worcester, and the Malvern Hills.

In the hi-res raw file I can see the houses on the side of the Malverns. Twenty eight miles away.

I just love days like this.

The sheep? Well, she came to tell me off.  Not impressed with being disturbed on such a fine spring day.

She said I should not come here again.  I was baa'd.

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