A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Queen Charlotte Drive and Beyond

This morning, after a hearty breakfast in a local bakery in Havelock, we drove along Queen Charlotte Drive to Picton. We have travelled this beautiful twisty road quite a few times and it never disappoints. 

My main Blip has been Blipped before, it is Okiwa Bay, on the Grove Arm. Below is overlooking Picton and at the InterIslaner ferry Kaitaki which has caused so mush misery over the past few months with a succession of mishaps that has cancelled many sailings and effected so many trying to cross the Cook Strait. We are booked on the Aratere on Tuesday so fingers crossed we will not be abandoned like so many. 

My extra has also been Blipped before and this update shows it has continued to be swallowed up by its surroundings. I'm still not sure what type of car it is, I know it isn't a Morris Minor. 

Also on the extra shows the typical H&S measures put into place here in New Zealand. We Brits complain about pot holes in roads but at least here they will put a few traffic cones around any they find. This was on the Whatamango Bay to Port Underwood road but we came across any examples along the Queen Charlotte Drive. I just love these twisty roads that also disappear as you turn a bend, it keeps you awake! 

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