By JohnW

Good morning Pigeon

I couldn’t resist taking this through the double glazing in our bedroom window this morning.  His (or her) mate was just along the fence.  They appear to have nested in this hedge on the field side to our back garden.  

I just hope they don’t get too spooked with us using the field gate, however they seem to have settled down now and are becoming quite bold. We put crusts out on the front hedge outside the front living room window.  They now come right up to the window and look in at us at the table.  Even taken to giving dirty looks if there isn’t any bread out.  Mrs W gave in and cut them a slice of bread yesterday . . .

This image is cropped from the middle of the shot and the size doubled (1082x723 to 2000x1336) in PS.  Shot taken with my baby camera.

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