By Veronica

Sunshine in a jar

I had half a dozen small lemons left, so I made a jar of preserved lemons, using a massive windfall lemon I found to top up with juice. Now it goes to a cool dark place for a week before I top it up further if necessary.

That meant no lemon meringue pie, so instead I made gâteau basque with the remains of the black cherry jam and ground almonds left over from the cake I did for the bake sale. Self-indulgently, this one was filled with both cherry jam and crème pâtissière (normally it's one or the other). It didn't look very presentable due to the pastry falling apart, and it was slightly overbaked, but still delicious.

So that was my day. This morning there was a cloud of sea fret so dense that I couldn't even see across the bay, and it didn't disperse until about 3 o'clock. That ruled out a beach day. We were above the cloud though, so I was able to lounge on the terrace. Meanwhile S went on a very scenic walk, 30 km and 900 metres of climbing between Cómpeta and Frigiliana. He got home shortly after six, exhausted after a long day.

Thanks for comments and hearts yesterday -- I have told Mystère (again) how handsome he is.

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