Car fixed - frazzled still

The week continues to be chaotic.
Went to Farah's networking this morning. then faffed more around with the boiler ... what a pain.
The transferred mones, payed my car tax bill before driving to the garage to get my parking sensor fixed. It almost took and hour.
I parked in front of the house at 4 pm and felt it was time to do something for myself and I walked to QMD for a coffee.
Youssef was closed - I am really worried if he will actually survive ....

I decided to try the new North Star instead and it was lovely.
Run by a boy from Naples called Pasquale. 
The coffee was great - the pastry even better.
And I met a guy called Kenn who organised circus events and is a juggler. We had a great conversation and I am so grateful that I chose me before work because otherwise I would have missed this soo intersting conversation.
I went home and decided to calm myself down on the mat with 50 min Kundalini practice for the half moon.

I am done now and won't do anything tonight apart from resting.

Blipping the classic car at the garage - pretty isn't it?

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