By Ingleman

Collage For The Day

I felt I had to make a collage today to record the highlights.

I missed the sunrise this morning, it was dramatic but by the time I had run inside to get the camera a huge great cloud had snuffed it out.

It has rained a lot today but Mrs I and I, along with Hollie dog braved the elements and went for a nice walk and dodged the showers.

Hollie chased pheasants and got very mucky. But did she care. Not a bit. 

I photographed the Aubretia in our rockery. It is looking splendid. A big change since I blipped a single flower on 19th March.

The Camelia is bursting out all over. 

And whilst I was up on the scaffolding I got a brief glimpse of a rainbow looking out towards the Clee Hills. 

All in all a good day, despite the persistent showers. It's good to get out even if only for a couple of hours. 

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