Back to front picture show

Not a bad day today - bit of rain, bit of sunshine. I'd agreed to give a talk on 'West Coast Gardens' - just the Scottish variety - to a group by the name of 'Lochawe Neighbours' - a bunch of people living mostly along the southern shore of Loch Awe, which is some 25 miles long. Many people would consider this to be in the back of beyond and it certainly felt that way after I turned off the Dalmally - Inveraray road on to a three mile stretch of single track road along the lochside. Passing occasional houses, black Highland cattle feeding in the fields and a lovely old stone church I arrived at the village of Portsonachan and walked down to the village hall. 

There were some 20 people in the hall and a great lunchtime spread set out on the table. After lunch we set about organising the show - they had acquired a new projector only yesterday and we spent about 30 minutes trying to set it up to project pictures from Mrs M's laptop. For a long time they were back to front, but we eventually got it right and the show went ahead!

Certainly a slide show with a difference!

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