While on my runs

By waipushrink

Tolerated a human presence

We chose to not rush to head north today, as the promised opening of the new extension northwards of the motorway from Puhoi has clearly been delayed. The traffic monitor indicated major slow points from south of Puhoi to Warkworth. By the time we travelled, only the slowing due to two lanes decanting into one delayed us. Made for a more relaxing drive.

Got back into the task of sorting out where stuff will go; stay in the house (minimal); move to Woodlands Park Road (some); defer the decision (storage); dispose of by way of gift, donation or sale (quite a lot). Our packer will decide on which of the last category is the appropriate disposal.

Late this afternoon I went to order the fish and chips, and have a walk at the Northend of Snells. At almost the same that I decided it was time to go, the rain began. Decided to carry on, and am glad I did. Saw a number of Tuturiwhatu (dotterels), and one is my blip. 

I was very pleased with how my photo of the Taranui (Caspain tern) turned out. I gave S the deciding vote on which of the two would be the blip. The Taranui is today's extra.

I was interested to note that eleven Kuaka (Bar-tailed Godwits) appear to be over-wintering here, as the amin flock has departed a couple of weeks ago.

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