Hydrangea Macrophylla, I Suppose

And the weather. Sunny, even +3, but cold north wind.

Didn't go out to try the weather today. Called mother.  Ate well, the dinner by Mr S. Thinking, as usual, having many thoughts...

In the picture there's the Hydrangea on our living room table, where the sun shines in the evening. I bought it in Feb. It's already finishing it's blooming, at least seems. The flowers of also these bigleaf hydrangeas, as in other hydrangeas, should last long, However, I have neglected watering it, which probably explains the wilting of the flowers so soon. We'll see if any beautiful thing sprouts in near future. Otherwise I give it up, don't try to save this one. We have huge hydrangeas in the garden, that really will do:)

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