By MsQuizzical

Heron Off

As I tend to take everything literally I find April Fools' Day a bit of an ordeal. I messaged my F1 fan daughter this morning to tell her that I'd seen on Twitter that Lewis was going to resign. I'd been had. :(

I settled MrQ and while he was having a snooze I made a quick visit to Fishers Green. I'm pleased that the long tailed tits' nest is intact and they're still building. I photographed a wren with a twig in its bill, still singing loudly, over the very swollen and fast-flowing Old River Lea. The water level is as high as many people have seen it. Lots of nests must have been washed away. :(

I caught the pair of herons in extras having a spat. The victor returned to the heronry and the vanquished waited a while by Seventy Acres Lake. I got the above shot as it launched. I miss Jack heron. I haven't seen him by our neighbour's lake for quite a while. :(   

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