By Mrsmacdub


This is a late posting.

There was more sorting and packing to do this morning, then I went to my osteopath who was very pleased at the improvement in my back.  I will be able to go to Pilates tomorrow, but with caution.  After I returned home from the osteopath we emptied the freezer and drove over to my sister’s to squeeze it into her freezer.  It really was a squeeze but we made it.  On the way home we stopped to buy a new screwdriver set for MrMacD as his old one is past its sell by date and he has to dismantle our bed tomorrow.  It’s from that well-know Swedish firm and has been dismantled and re-assembled too many times.  Hopefully it’ll survive one last move.  We also stopped to buy an Easter egg gift for my Pilates teacher, who has been really fantastic over the last year.

We arrived home just in time for me to bring in the washing and change before walking up the stairs to Apartment 3 for a little farewell party organised by C, who is really upset that we are leaving.  We spent a lovely couple of hours there until the others left, then spent some talking to C before bidding her farewell.  We had a quick bite to eat, then tidied up the kitchen and headed for bed.

Opportunities for taking interesting photos have been a bit lacking of late and I realised as we got ready for bed that I didn’t have a blip for today - so I took a photo of the Easter egg gift.  By then my brain was too tired to think so it will be a late posting.

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