By Annieone

Possibly One Of The Last Photos...!,

Of our new Blip friend Albert....but I have to share the latest update with you.....just late last week Albert turned up with a ‘friend’ in he has always been very ‘territorial’ about his windowsill...never allowing any other seagulls to land...!!
And certainly not share his seeds, granola or tortilla chips...!!
But ....having flew in with this friend ...he tapped the window to get S s attention...and when she opened the window to put out his breakfast..he stood politely by to let his friend hop down and shared his breakfast.....!!!
They couldn’t believe it and have called the newcomer Ernie..
So we have a la Seasame Street.....’Bert & Ernie’....!

But not for long as the good news is that S and her partner J got the keys to their new house last Friday...and are already busy moving in...!!

The extra is the day they first arrived together..
And they can tell who is Albert ‘squawks’ loudly and the other one goes ‘Eek Eek Eek....!!!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here today but with a cool breeze...
But how good it is to get the brightness back..!

4th April...quote....

Critics Are Everywhere; Beware The One Between Your Ears....

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