The Jackdaw

I like a jackdaw. I know that like all corvids they have some nasty habits but they always seem to be having fun, flapping around and making noises like a 1980s video game. This one's developed a way of sitting above the suet filled coconut, pulling it up and grabbing it with its talons to eat. The magpies don't seem to be able to do it.

Some of the birds on the bird table seem to have changed in the last week or so. The robins, dunnocks, blackbirds and tits carry on but the bullfinch couple haven't been seen. I'm guessing with more buds on the trees they're finding more of them to eat. A couple of pairs of greenfinches have appeared instead and goldfinches are visiting more. I haven't seen the male blackcap for a bit. I hope he's checking out the new arrivals from northern Europe for a mate. We're seeing more corvids. As well as the jackdaws, there are magpies and a crow or two.

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